Paradigm ShifT



There’s a classic story about Henry Ford and the model T, wherein he noted that if you asked people in 1915 what they wanted in transportation, you’d get all sorts of answers about incremental improvements to the horse and buggy, but couldn’t possibly get a Model T. 

Eighty years later Steve Jobs codified the same story to support his notion of product development, which was to achieve progress through sheer genius ... and don’t ask anyone.

That’s well and good if you’re a once-in-a-generation visionary, but perhaps not so absolute if you’re trying to develop a new healthcare technology in the face of a somewhat dysfunctional clinical, regulatory, insurance / reimbursement and marketing environment.

At the same time, we staunchly believe in the power of non-linear thinking.  We’ll help you examine the key facilitators and barriers, but we’ll also help you connect the dots – including the ones you perhaps didn’t even know were there. 

Envisage Solutions is all about the intersection between rigorous analysis and insight.  We do solutions, not templates.