NEW PRODUCTS, Spinoffs and Other New Ventures

You've been charged with executing a new venture for your company...  

You're trying to juggle the reality of timelines and budget with the expectations of management, meanwhile getting a bunch of people on board who aren't directly responsible for the project's outcomes.  

All of this happens in an environment of shifting organizational priorities, where each day presents another set of challenges.  Envisage can help. 

We have developed and launched new products ourselves, and we know that the key to successfully navigating internal systems is to build and sustain a coherent vision.  That begins with developing a comprehensive understanding of an opportunity.  

The pressure is to get everything done.  Now.   We get it.  But you can't afford to gloss over the key issues now in favor of apparent forward motion, because it is all going to come back and bite you if you don’t formulate the right strategy early on.  And you know where everyone runs — toward you when it's all going well, and for the nearest exit when it isn't.

We are experts in comprehensive market analysis and new product development, and we will provide the commercial guidance you need to achieve a successful launch.