Envisage vs. Do-It-Yourself

Look, you can always "make a few calls" yourself.  Somebody you know at a major academic center, or a colleague you worked with in the past.  But that's not market intelligence.  For one, it's a non-representative "convenience" sample.  Second, since it's people you know, it's like putting the future of your venture circle in the hands of a Google "Circle" — they're more likely to tell you what you already know, or what they think you want to hear, than to give you an unvarnished perspective.

Potential investors and internal stakeholders want to see passion from the innovator —  and an objective assessment of their target before investing money, their reputations and possibly their careers on your idea. 

You have the passion and vision and you may indeed have a cool and objective view of the market, but the people who are going to support you — or not — with money, time and other resources, simply cannot count on your neutrality.  Nor should they: remember, you're the one living and breathing your company or project, the one who has to make it work.

That’s where we come in.  We will take an unbiased view of your idea and rigorously subject it to evaluation by potential customers.  Clinicians.  Administrators.  Insurors.  Patients.  At the same, we'll examine your technology through the eyes of future-thinking Key Opinion Leaders, who understand the implications of a new entrant in their category.  

People in your network and static secondary data are simply not enough to test and market-fit a new idea.  Markets change over time, and they change with new entrants; your technology will affect clinical and market dynamics not just market share.  You will need to know how that change could play out. 

When we provide guidance, it’s not only research-informed, but from a foundation of building businesses ourselves and funding new products.  We know what it takes for an idea to be considered, tested and adopted. 

You will have the confidence to present your ideas to potential backers with the foundation of reality and your credibility intact.   If your idea or product requires more refinement before approaching interested parties, we will tell you that outright and guide you on the next steps required before presenting your idea. 

You’ll be passionate, prepared and grounded in reality.