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Thanks for visiting our website.  

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way.  You’re here because you’re looking for resources that can help you with your technology and company.  We’re here because we want to sell you that help.  

So the most important question is...

Why Envisage Solutions?   We’ve helped hundreds of small companies with the problems unique to startups.  We’ve also worked for decades with almost all of the major pharma companies – we don’t believe in dropping names, but it’s all the big names you know if you’ve spent any time in this business.  And we invest our own money in the healthcare space, so we know what it means to have both dollars and aspirations on the line.

Look, you're not going to buy anything just because of anything we say on this website.  But we hope to have given you some food for thought, and enough of a taste of the way we think and work that you want to have a further conversation.  If that sounds reasonable, fill out the contact stuff below, let us know a time to connect that works for you, and we’ll talk.  If we think we can help, we’ll tell you how and what it will cost.  If we think we can’t, we’ll try to refer you to someone who can.

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