Commercial Value Assessment


You don't have time or resources to commit to open-ended "consulting" that ends up delivering generalized knowledge, or conventional wisdom that has nothing to do with the real prospects for a transformative technology.

 You need to know whether you've actually got something that will sell, and how to get it to market.  And you need to know without breaking the bank.

Envisage offers a comprehensive range of services focused on your specific needs.  Some are menu-priced, others of  greater complexity for which we will be glad to provide a written proposal.  

In either case, you'll know what your cost is going to be, and what you will receive as a deliverable, before you ever spend a dime.  

The table below is intended to provide a general guide; please call us to discuss your specific needs.  If we can help, we'll tell you how and what the cost will be.  If we can't, we'll try to find you someone who can.

Services_rev Dec 13 2016.png