Business Strategy

expert guidance on whether, and in what direction to proceed.

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You're focused on developing and protecting your technology.  But if you’re spending so much time on intellectual property or chasing investors that you don’t have enough time to think about your product or markets, that’s a problem.

Fortunately, it’s one we can solve.  We won’t spend your limited cash resources on anything that does not advance your interests.  Period.

We know healthcare markets.  The founder of our company has been advising major pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies for over 3 decades, on what to develop, and how and to whom to market it.  The first company he founded in 1989 has been the go-to for blockbuster (and dozens of other) drugs in therapeutic areas ranging from oncology to cardiovascular disease to transplant medicine.

Our founding principal is straightforward: you have a much higher probability of success if you genuinely understand your customers and current clinical practice.

Our team includes investors – real people who have invested their own money in the healthcare space.  It goes without saying that no one does so lightly, or without a good reason. 

We have a very good understanding of the questions that need to be answered to attract funding, because we’re used to asking them.

When you engage us, the assignment is done when you’re satisfied, and have achieved a substantial increase in understanding of:

  • Unmet clinical need
  • Size and scope of addressable market
  •  Key regulatory and reimbursement hurdles
  •  Clinical pathways
  • Answers to the questions that you will be asked by potential funding sources